Change is Different

Change is Different

Change is DifferentWe are going to talk about change again today. In it's most basic form it is just another word for different. You wake up one morning to blue sky, wake up the next to clouds. The sky is different. It has changed. The weather has changed. We as humans need to adjust to that change. That difference. These differences can happen in widely spaced time-frames from years apart to a few seconds.


Many changes occur in the environment the external world if you will. Mostly you have very little control over these. You need to accept them or not. Your choice.

External changes can be initiated by nature, governments, businesses and other people. Many examples of these occur each and every day. One example - technology. We as a race (the human race) are always on the lookout for something better. Of course better is subjective A value judgement. The outcome of the change might not be to your liking. You might hate the change. Take mobile phones as an example. You might regret that they were ever invented. But here they are. Like em or hate em. That ship has sailed. The change has started and will continue to roll on.


Other changes are internally driven. They come from your mind. Often driven by a wish to be, do, or have something different. There's that word again.


If we want to have a different body shape, for example, that will constitute a change. But this difference or change will not happen just by thinking about it, in spite of ‘The Secret’ and ‘Manifesting’, and all that. Some kind of action is usually required as well. Perhaps some dietary changes, increased exercise. Action is required with all things if we wish the outcome to be different from what it is currently, to change. These changes are driven by our mind. Nothing else and nobody else controls this. Just our mind. Internal changes again. We do them all the time. Every hour of everyday.

Good or Bad

Good or bad changes or differences are value judgements we make based on the rewards or lack of them that we receive or don’t receive, after the changes have been made.

Change Resistors

It is interesting when you listen to the thoughts of the ‘change resistors’ amongst us who rail, for example, against mobile phone use and the younger set. Their main arguments, or one of them at least, is that these kids don't communicate anymore.


Of course they do. If they are using their phone to text or use social media they are most certainly communicating. Just in a different way.


Face-to-face vocal communication is very limiting. You can communicate only one-on-one generally, sometimes small groups. Everyone needs to be together, in the same place at the same time. Whereas the youngsters are mixing it with often large numbers of people of many different ages, religions, races, etc. Many different conversations can be held in very short time-frames with people in large numbers in different locations. This is communication in a much bigger sense then the old one-on-one of talking. Of course they can and often do this larger communication thing, at the same time as talking to friends in the old fashioned way.

Is Change Always Good?

There are many changes like that mentioned above, in the way of doing things, that many among us do not like. They want to revert to older, different times. That word again. Change is not always good - we all know that, (in itself, this is a subjective phrase isn't it?) Tomahto, tomayto; potahto, potayto .

Learn to live and accept change. It is here to stay. See Dan Walsh  - Constant Change Is Here to Stay.

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