How to Stop Overthinking Charles P Carlton

How to Stop Overthinking - 8 Proven, Practical Techniques to End Anxiety, Stop Negative Thinking, Overcome Worrying and Live a Healthier, Happier Life – Charles P Carlton

Powerful CoverStop Overthinking

Wow. This book started with an extremely POWERFUL cover design. Loved it.

Much of what was covered, I thought I knew, but as I continued I realised that’s my problem. If you think you know stuff you never learn anything. When you talk you say things you know, but when you listen, that’s when the magic happens.


Thanks, Charles. You magician you.

I began to read this book with my ears wide open and the gems just kept on coming.


The chapter on mindfulness made it worth the purchase of the whole book. It was masterful. The style of writing was informative firstly, but more importantly, it was contemplative, calming, meditative and relaxing. I loved the info but also the very feel of it. It was well done.

Powerful cover, great message, inspired writing style? I’d say it had it all.

Depression, Anxiety & Compassion

How To Overcome The Fear Of Change

Goal Setting And How To Do It

Goal Setting And How To Do ItSetting Goals

I have reached a goal. I have finished the first draft of my book. Apart from telling everyone I can think of about the book, in order to cement the ‘doing’ of it into my psyche, I am working on it as often as I can.

The chapter bit was OK, once I figured out what to write, but right now I am doing my usual trick of finding other things to do (anything at all) to avoid beginning the next stage which is re-reading what I have written and getting it ready for my beta readers to get stuck into.


It comes down, as I’ve said before, to knowing what to do next and forgetting the ‘it has to be perfect’ mantra. It’s like coming up to a brick wall of thoughts. You can’t get through and you just bounce around like in a kids jumping castle.

Why am I telling you this? And what does it have to do with the goals thing I started talking about? A lot really.

‘Cause, you see, the book is NOT the goal. It is only a bi-product of achieving the real goal.

Get It Done

It doesn’t matter what happens with the book as long as it is finally published. If one follows the process and the steps on a roadmap or checklist (and there are many of these that Dr Google can serve up to you), the end result of a published book is a foregone conclusion. It is not rocket science. It’s not even hard. What is hard is following all the steps. A bit like the 12 step program for those of us unfortunate to have an alcohol problem. All the steps need to be covered. Not always in any prescribed order, and some we can revisit at any time to enhance the end result.

Why This Particular Goal

The idea in goal setting is to take an overview of why you might want to say, write a book, learn a new skill or language, change a habit, get a new job – anything really.

Then devise, or have someone else devise, a specialised 12 step program just for you, just for this particular task or goal. Promise your self and the world at large, if this is appropriate, that you WILL follow this plan, and you will achieve this goal. This result. This outcome.

The Goal Is Not The Goal

Then realize that the goal is NOT the goal. The real goal is to change yourself. To become a different person, someone who deserves this new ‘thing’ that is what you think of as the goal. To become the kind of person who can achieve this consequence from the 12 action steps, for example.

In my case, I need to be the kind of person who CAN write and publish a book. Even if the book is rubbish. Doesn’t matter as it was only a vehicle. It was not the end game and never was.

Many Fall By The Wayside

To digress for a moment – this is where many of us fall by the wayside because we don’t believe we DESERVE the end result for which we are aiming and therefore we do not make it.

But if you follow the steps you will write that book. And at the end of this process, you will have become someone who does deserve it (whatever it might be for you).

Remove Yourself From The Outcome

Now you also have to remove your self from the result. Separate your mind and body from the OUTCOME. Then and only then will you be able to accept that the book or your grasp of Arabic or Chinese does not have to be perfect. It just has to be DONE.

Only then will you be able to move beyond the person you were when you started down this path, and allow yourself to meet the person who you have become. Gidday!

Become The Kind Of Person Who Can

What I mean here is your goal will be to become the kind of person who can follow 12 steps and get to the end. To a book; or a new whatever as we said above. Your goal is personal development, the outcome is a serendipitous result of following the prescribed steps in the program. And getting to the end of it.

You see if you become that person, a second book, skill, language etc becomes easy. You can do it almost on auto-pilot.

Goal: Millionaire

If someone had a goal to become a millionaire and suddenly won the money in a lottery, you know from the newspapers, that few of them keep this money in the long-run. They are NOT millionaires, so that, while the having of that amount of money was a goal for them it was, we now understand, an outcome, a result without the personal development behind it. So they lost it. I know people that this has happened to. Sad but a fact of life.

The Goal Is Not The Goal

Let’s say it again. The goal is NOT the goal. The real goal is to change yourself.

Goals, Change and Process Improvement

Quick to Blame

Quick to Blame

Recently I have noticed, particularly in electronic conversations, (email and text) the tendency to correct others and lay blame.


I have had this criticism levelled at me a couple of times during the last year or so, “You always make out that you are right and others are wrong. You correct people all the time when you talk to them. This is extremely annoying.” for example.


I have become very aware, following these comments, of how I react in conversations and have been attempting to catch myself, preferably before making the comment, in the hope that this will make my speech less confrontational.

That being the case, and following on from the rule of ‘focus’ in life, (think of a red car – immediately begin to see hundreds of red cars) I have become hyper-aware of this tendency, in emails particularly.


A recent example. A request for volunteers for an event. One response said yep I’ll be there but this decision is made without any idea of when and what days I will be required.

Now all that required info was in the email, albeit a bit of a way down as this response was the end of a few answers. But the info WAS there. IN THE ACTUAL EMAIL THAT WAS BEING ANSWERED.

The responder had not read the whole communication, yet took it upon themselves to criticise the originator of the request and blame them for leaving out vital information.


Why do we do this? And I obviously include myself in this question, as evidenced by the above, I am as guilty as anyone.

But are there two possible ways of looking at this?

I was a teacher for some years in the earlier part of my working life and correcting kids when I thought I was right, has always been a part of my life. Do I now see everyone as kids that need my teaching to make them see the error of their ways?


I am a bit of a stickler for getting things right. Of course, ‘right’ is extremely subjective and I may often not be correct. My corrections can be, in fact, not corrections at all, but an extension of the original error.

I don’t feel I am doing this with an air of superiority, just a feeling that accuracy is important. Again, I say ‘accuracy’ according to me.


Secondly, it may very well be a feeling that if I can put you down, and tell you that you are wrong, this will elevate me to a higher status and prove to me, you, and anyone else listening, that I am, in fact, superior.

A need for ego-stroking or a need for correctness. Or are they both the same in a subtle kind of way?


Or is there another element here? One of judgment? Hard to tell.

Call to Action

But my call out to all of you reading this, and to me of course, – before you criticise somebody, and blame them for something, make sure you have all the information, and make sure that your criticism is fair. How do you know if it is fair?


Easy. Follow the PAME code (Emee Vida Estacio) and use a little bit of TLC. Is your criticism TRUE? Is it LOGICAL? Finally, is it CONSTRUCTIVE? If your comment fails any one of these criteria, then suck it back in and say nothing at all. Better for everyone.

And remember when you point one finger at someone else, there are three pointing back to you.

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Interesting. I just said the word Fiverr when I started this article which I read into Evernote; and Evernote knew to put the extra ‘r’. More about that in a moment.


Today I joined Fiverr as an affiliate. Now I don't know if this affiliate business is a new thing or not. Fiverr has been around since 2010, it provides an eBay like platform for entrepreneurs and/or freelancers to offer their services to customers worldwide.


You think you can do something? Provide a service? Then create a profile and upload a ‘gig’. (that's what they are called), onto the platform and someone may buy what you are offering. All gigs must charge $5 US or more. Hence the name Fiverr. The extra ‘r’, I'm told, is because, as you might expect, when they tried to use the name Fiver it was already taken. Much hipperr and coolerr anyway.

You can offer a service, or buy a service just like eBay. Of course Fiverr takes a small-ish commission (currently 20%) from every sale. Many people love it. “Hey, I got this cute tune I play on my guitar, can anyone think of some lyrics that might go with it?” Fantastic.
Or the reverse.
“I have this song, these lyrics, can someone write me a melody?” Or someone might be good at generating graphics or short (even long) writing pieces for advertising copy or blog posts. Stick em up on Fiverr and away we go.


It seems with the huge number of services listed (more than 5 million) it would be hard to make a quid - too much competition, but there are many people earning a full-time living using Fiverr and nothing else. Of course there are many complain that it doesn't work. Actually it doesn't. You have to work. Fiverr is just a platform.

I read about a guy who claimed he couldn't steal enough time from as full-time job to service his fibre clients properly. So he gave it up. (Fiverr that is not his job) and he complained that he couldn't make enough money from Fiverr. Fiverr’s fault of course.

On-Line Service

It's another one of these online services which have mushroomed over the last 10 or so years Uber Airbnb etc.

Clever idea. I seem to think I was a member a while back. Didn't know that you could join as an affiliate. What that means is that you (meaning me for the purposes of this article), promote the Fiverr platform on a webpage (this blog post), social media and anywhere else we can think of.


This means making people aware of the platform - it's not a secret but, as with many things like this, it has a specialised audience.

These people may sign up as a buyer, or seller and perhaps even, if you are lucky, they buy a service you get a kick-back for this. Cool baby!

Fear of Change eBook

Downsizing Minimalist Approach

Downsizing – The Minimalist Approach

Recently, I have stopped (or am in the process of stopping) a lot of the things I have been doing around town. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because with so much happening I was beginning to let people down. And this was a huge let-down for me.

DownsizingYou see, I LOVE to do stuff for people, but if I forget or run out of time or change my priorities, then things drop through the cracks.

It is VERY important to me to keep to my word. If I say I am going to do something then I WANT to do it, and I want to do it sooner rather than later, to over-deliver if you will.

Too Much

When I arrived here in paradise I took on anything and everything I could to get me out in the community and mixing with people. I loved it. Still do. But there comes a time in everyone’s life, I expect, when you have to take a hard look at things and decide what activities and which people are giving you the most enjoyment and excitement even. Then you focus on this part of life.

Stop Doing So Much

Keeping Promises

Sometimes this means taking a minimalist approach and downsizing.

I am better able to keep my promises (and we all I am sure promise much more than we can ever do in several lifetimes) if there are fewer of them stacked up.

My list of things to do is often overwhelming and never reduces to any manageable number. So it becomes necessary to chop. And chopping I have been.

New Challenges

It is sad to see some things go, but change is inevitable and we all have new challenges we want/need to follow. If we add them onto our already full schedules, something has to give. And the result of this is failing to meet the expectations you have put upon yourself and the rise in guilt and self-recrimination when deadlines and appointments are missed and people are let down.

Look After Yourself First

It is NOT selfish to sort out your life and your activities. Remember the airline: put your mask on first. If you are not in control of your own life you cannot offer any part of yourself to others, and this is certainly my aim in life. What’s yours?

Finding Yourself

Goddard - Revision

Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique

Neville Goddard's Revision Technique.

Goddard - RevisionGo back and change the past in your mind. See things that didn't go so well; working the way you had planned.
It talks about editing the memories in your mind so that any time in the future that this or a similar situation arises, you will only see the positive result. Kinda interesting. But what does it mean, and how does it work? Is it a scam?

Neville Goddard - Reddit:

Neville Lancelot Goddard was a spiritual teacher and author from Barbados, widely regarded as one of the most influential New Thought and Law of Attraction teachers. He originally came to the United States to study drama and became a dancer, but his study of metaphysics led him down a different path.

The Technique in Detail:

Revision was taken from Neville Goddard’s 1954 lecture, The Pruning Shears of Revision.

1. Review an event that didn't go the way you wanted it to go. Don’t judge it, just review it.

2. In your imagination, rewrite and revise the event the way you wish it would have gone.

3. Get into a state akin to sleep (SATS). Many wonder what this means - it is simply a state where you feel completely relaxed, and can be done in any comfortable position.

4. Relive the revised event in your imagination over and over again, until the imaged state begins to take on the tones of reality. That is until it starts feeling as though it may have actually happened the way you would have preferred.

5. Either fall asleep while repeating the scene or wake up from this drowsy state once you know it is done.

Neville suggests that at the end of each day we revise our day the way we wish it would have gone, then relive the day in our imagination in accordance with our desires until it feels real. Through this method, you can revise any unwanted event, and you will find that in the coming days and weeks, things will start to change for the better in accordance with your revision. (

Manifesting and ACTION

This is another way of postulating that we should manifest or visualise a desired outcome. It is a tool.
There seems to be quite a lot of information on-line about Revision, including a large number of articles explaining how the technique has worked for the writers.
As in all manifesting/visualising techniques, though, most writers have pointed out that there is a requirement for action. You need to follow the process, but also put steps into place to make it more likely that the required outcome will happen in the future. Nothing happens if you sit on your hands, they say.
It can, some have said, be used to heal and/or repair our bodies as well, by envisioning the event that apparently caused an injury or illness, as having happened differently, and the bad or undesired outcome is not the result. A bit “out of this world”?

Not sure how this meets the action criteria, but we have been told by a very large number of Gurus that ‘we get what we focus on’, and there is, of course, a huge body of literature on both sides of this argument.
But I believe ‘The Revision Technique’ has merit.

Try Revision

As I said, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that this process actually makes a difference. Give it a go and let us know in the comments how it has worked for you. Or not as the case may be. BUT remember it may not happen overnight.

What’s it all about? We are in Control of our lives!



With apologies to David Bowie.
I have noticed (isn't it strange how things on our mind come to the fore in other parts of our lives?), a few videos on Facebook about change recently; Mel Robbins & Russell Brand to name just two. And also a large number of posts about life in the sixties and how different - read better, it was. These on Facebook too.


Green & Growing / Ripe & Rotting

I was reminded of the ‘We either are “green and growing”, or we are “ripe and rotting”. Change is inescapable’, quote (often attributed to Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame), which I first heard during my coaching training. The bell curve came to me. When we consider we are at the top or peak of our existence ie the 60’s - and we do nothing to keep growing (why should we? This is the best we've ever been?), then we begin to rush down the precipice. Down the slope of the curve. We begin to rot or at the very least not grow.


If the 60’s were the best - everything for the last 60 years has been down hill? Nothing that has changed since then has been worthwhile? Really? This is obviously not true but we often seem to think like this. Our ‘Change is ALWAYS bad’ mindset.

The Past

We can and possibly should, look back with nostalgia, reminisce about what we loved in the past; be excited about our lives and what we did. But we must realise that we only have NOW. The past, as wonderful as it was, (and we only seem to look at the really cool things like playing outside and billy carts for example, while not remembering the great sadnesses of the period), is not going to happen again. It can’t. Things are different now.


Yep, the past has gone, never to be seen again. The future is as yet unknown - it may never even happen. All we have is NOW. The decisions we make this very moment will decide what we will be, do or have in this future; and therefore, what happens to us for the rest of our lives - no matter how short or long that turns out to be. Check out “The Power of Now” by ‘Eckhart Tolle

Our Choice

We can decide now to be better - or do nothing. Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting. It is our choice to change if we are not happy, or stay where we are and rot.

CHANGE – Cannot be Avoided

Coffee as an Agent of Change

Nothing Changes By Sitting On Your Hands

Published Author

Published Author

I Am A Published Author

Being a Published Author is supposed to be of great assistance in furthering your career as a writer. I reckon that means you have to tell people about this published bit? Right?

There is a book published in 2015. Success Unlimited The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Kizzi Nkwocha (Ed), Sussex UK: Mithra Publishing.


Sixteen contributors to this book (thought leaders) have all written articles (chapters) speaking to areas of success in which they have expertise.

Many of these people are world renowned and come from varied backgrounds and disciplines. There are entrepreneurs, teachers/trainers, bloggers, psychiatrists, life coaches, business men and women, professional speakers, writers, leaders, marketing and sales executives just to name a few.

Most are from Australia, and among this illustrious crowd, you will find me. Yep. I am a published author.

My contribution is called ‘Beliefs, Rules, Values and Language – Their Role In Your Success’. It can be found on pp.(200-218).

Not Mainstream

You cannot find much of the material in this book in the mainstream, (although the book is available in most great bookstores and online from the various outlets), but that that does not discount the value that can be gained from these insights. The writers are all speaking from real life experience and the information is absolutely top notch.

No Vested Interest

You cannot find this kind of stuff in books by the well-known self-help and personal development writers, because in ‘Success Unlimited the authors have no vested interest in the sales of the book, nor in the acceptance or otherwise of their ideas; their aim is to function as servants, operating out of a wish to share their experiences, successes and sometimes fears, so that others may be better versions of themselves after having read the various articles in this wonderful book.

Nothing Changes By Sitting On Your Hands

Your Success book for Mithra Publishing

Powerful Words

Some Great Book Suggestions

Books to read that may CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Powerful WordsFriends, I read a lotta books, many in the self-help genre. Many of these have caused me to change my life in some way.

Some by doing something differently, some by stopping doing something, and a few by adding something to the way I live my life.

Have a look and see if any resonate with you.

Some Great Book Suggestions

Remember, when self-help pundits say you need a mentor, they are right, but it needn't be someone you know. You may wish to follow an author and read all or most of his/her books and take the ideas on board. That is mentorship at its best. I talked about this in a couple of articles referenced below.

Get A Mentor #1      Get A Mentor #2

Disclaimer / Disclosure

Miracle Morning For Writers

The Miracle Morning For Writers by Hal Elrod & Steve Scott

The Miracle Morning For Writers by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott

Sub-titled “How To Build A Writing Ritual That Increases Your Impact And Your Income.”, this is a book for all budding writers.

Miracle Morning For Writers

I am more than ¾ through this wonderful book and have highlights on almost every page. Many pages I ended up tagging the whole page. So many gems. And Links? Did I say Links? Yep, almost every page has links to other resources you can use to add to the information included.

In The Beginning

The first chapter or two contains a run-down of The Miracle Morning SAVERS ritual as espoused by Hal in ‘The Miracle Morning’, and the different perspective is amazing. I thought I understood TMM, but this book gave me new insights, and I hadn’t at that time even reached the point where it actually spoke about writing. I wasn’t disappointed. It was the same only different as my daughter used to say many years ago.


There is a whole series of these books based on different issues Hal figured needed to be addressed, and the best thing about ALL these books is the list of short, easy to follow steps that lead you, inexorably to the result that has probably been eluding you for so long.

Just follow the yellow brick road to success. Steps are logical, common sense, achievable, but they require faith in yourself and in the process, not to mention the extraordinary focused effort necessary to make sure the steps are understood and followed.


"The Miracle Morning for Writers" combines Elrod's global phenomenon with Steve Scott's proven writing habit techniques (which helped him get on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list). You learn how to take charge of your morning and maximize "the rest of the day" for your writing efforts.

That is all you need. “Miracle Equation next on my list, then “Millionaire. Can’t wait.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod         The Miracle Morning And Your Why

Depression, Anxiety & Compassion

Depression, Anxiety and Compassion.

Finding YourselfCompassion, according to the dictionary (literally “to suffer together”) is: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Positive Emotion

If someone shows kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others, they're showing compassion. This is a word for a very positive emotion that has to do with being thoughtful and decent. Giving to a charity takes compassion. When you feel compassion for someone, you really want to help out.

Compassion is External

Compassion is something you feel for others or they feel for you. It is, by definition therefore, external to you, or to any person receiving it. That being the case it can not be expected or wished for. And to believe that others OWE you compassion, because of your internal sufferings, is allowing yourself to become a victim of circumstances, a martyr - instead of taking control of your own emotional destiny.


At the risk of trivializing the issues of anxiety and depression, which I do not wish to do (I have been there in both cases, and it wasn’t pretty), I would like to draw a parallel for us to think about.

Imagine you were chopping meat or veges for tonight’s dinner (as I was when this thought came to me), and the very sharp knife slips and gives you a really deep and nasty cut to the top of your index finger. Off you go to the hospital. The top of your finger has gone to – wherever these things go when they can’t be saved. (This part is not true!)


After many injections of pain-killers, anti-biotics and stitches as far as they were possible, you are sent home with a huge bandage, a sling and a large number of appointments for plastic surgery follow-ups to reconstruct the tip of your finger.

This injury hurts like hell, makes it extremely difficult to do many of the normal things concerned with family life, and will be with you for the rest of your days. A disfigurement you will carry to your grave no matter what the surgeon does to bring things back to normal.


Dinner is handed off to someone else for this night and a few nights until the pain and swelling become manageable. Then you get on with things. You would, wouldn’t you? This is a hiccough – not a final curtain. You talk about it a bit, well a LOT at first, and answer the many questions, “Yep. Cut the top off. Served it up in the stew, didn’t I?”

Then you more-or-less forget about it and move on. It never goes away, but it does not remain debilitating. You don’t focus on the flat top of your finger, or the few bibs and bobs you need to do differently because of the lack of a finger-tip.


You cannot expect people to continue to say how sorry they are for your accident, nor do you think about, nor talk about it all the time. It is just there. You get on with living. You overcome the obstacles, and become the person you need to be, to have and to do the things you want in life.


Easy. Nope. Not easy at all, the pain can rise up when least expected if you accidentally bang the top of that particular digit, and there are a myriad of things you’d never imagine that rely on finger-tips, especially of the index finger of your dominant hand. But you carry on.

Positive Thinking

Let’s not push the metaphor too far, but finally I want to take a quick look at the positive thinking mantras of a lot of gurus. I don’t believe any one of them suggest that you ignore or deny your feelings, or the existence of bad things, days etc, but what they do say is “You get what you focus on”, so why not focus on the good stuff, the positive stuff and accept that the bad stuff is there, but doesn’t need to define you? Why not do that? Denying your feelings doesn't make them go away. It is not helpful. But nor is focusing on them.

It does not serve you to dwell on them either. Focusing on negative feelings to the exclusion of all else WILL exacerbate these feelings. That is NOT healthy.


Often a sympathetic, compassionate, listening ear can become empowering in the wrong way. “Gee, if I talk about my problems, people listen.” But that doesn’t really help does it? At the end of the conversation your focus on your issues of depression and anxiety is even larger. And, You get what you focus on”. Have I said that enough?

Advice is not needed, either. Doesn’t help. Friendship might help, but if it is NEEDED, then there is an issue with your own self-love. This for another time?


Finally, feelings of alienation in a depressed or anxious person come from inside you. No one can alienate you. Only you can do that. Choose not to be that person.

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The Imposter Syndrome Remedy

Finding Yourself

Job V's Entrepreneur

JOB V’s Entrepreneur

Job V's EntrepreneurJOB V’s Entrepreneur

The other day I was chatting to a person in a retail environment and she was telling me excitedly, how wonderful it was that she had stood in this shop and nobody had come in for 2 1/2 hours. She was so excited that she had done no work for approximately $50 pay. I  mean money for nothing as the song goes.

Money For Nothing

I asked her why that was so important. She said, "I don't have to do anything and I still get paid".

Unfortunately that is the attitude of very many people in the world today. They want something for nothing. And they are usually prepared to settle for only a little something,  as long as they don't have to do anything much for it. The idea that, as an entrepreneur, the pay you get is dependent entirely on the results you achieve is not something they entertain one second's thought about. Of course, many of them claim that the minimum wage is 'not enough to live on', and 'I should get a pay rise for this work. It is hard standing around all day.'

Work For Nothing

The concept that you can work for one or more hours and receive nothing for it, is extremely foreign to them. They don't understand that as an entrepreneur you can work for quite some time for no immediate benefit, but what you have set up, through your consistent efforts, will begin to pay you, massively, at a later date, and on an on-going basis as well. The hourly rate when divided, even by the  total number of hours that have been expended 'working', represents much more than you can ever hope to get as an employee. 

Do Nothing – Get Nothing

As an entrepreneur, if you do nothing you get nothing. NOT now, NOR in the future. Makes sense doesn't it? 

But our instant gratification society doesn't seem to understand that you only benefit from the actions you take. Therefore, an entrepreneur style endeavour doesn't work, and is most likely a scam. 

Won’t Make You Rich

Standing behind a shop counter for hours, doing nothing, and getting a small hourly rate and a bit of superannuation is much better for many people. That's fine. But it won't make you rich. There are not enough hours in the day for that.


Our job, as entrepreneurs, is to teach people that the hours we put in and the work we do may not be paid in monetary terms immediately, but the effort is worth it in the long run. Look at people like Richard Branson.

Passive Income Freedom – 23 ways

The Miracle Morning And Your Why

The Miracle Morning And Your Why

The MIracle MorningRecently I have been thinking about the book by Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning! His SAVERS routine is seen by many as a new 'way of life'. I'm not sure. What is this 'way of life'? The dictionary says: "the habits, customs and beliefs of a particular person or group of people, something that affects all parts of someone's life." So perhaps it is. A 'way of life' that is. A lifestyle.


I must admit, I often thought of a 'way of life' as exemplified by a kind of monkified existence. Away from the extravagances of distraction. No electronics, no Netflix binges, no people who are not like minded, and no need to be involved in the basic more material things of life we mere mortals have to put up with. I then wondered, “Who does the bloody dishes, cooks the meals, counts the money, pays the bills with said money? In fact, who deals with the horrific generation of the aforementioned filthy lucre?”

The Miracle Morning and A Way OF Life

I couldn't answer my own questions. Who does? Nup. Nothing. So maybe a 'way of life' is not so esoteric. Maybe it's a much more down to earth. Perhaps it's just habits, customs and beliefs. Therefore The Miracle Morning SAVERS routine is a 'way of life'. But does that make it easy? How do you make it happen day after day week in week out.


Some research has pointed out that it can take  66 days before a new behavior becomes automatic.

In one study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit. Assuming this SAVERS activity is new to you, then new habits must be learned. Customs are easier, I guess. You become accustomed to doing something over a period of time? (the definition suggests a long time), such that it becomes a common practice, a repeated practice, a convention if you will. That'd work. And all of this, together with the understanding that it is good for you and will be beneficial in the long run even without any empirical proof, can make for a belief. Therefore we have a way of life.


But this does not make it easy. Simple perhaps, but not that easy. It must be kept up for a long time, the SAVERS routine that is, for it to become a habit, a custom and eventually a belief. What does all this mean to us in the 21st century? We have distractions galore. How can this become a 'way of life'? This one hour routine every single morning from now until death do us part?

Life Gets In The Way

It can, is the simple answer. Even when life gets in the way: family, sickness, work, shift work, holidays, travel, hangovers to name a few obviouse starting points. Whenever any of these intrude into the development of your new 'way of life'; your resolve crumbles and you beging to think that a new habit, custom or belief is not forthcoming – therefore, neither is a 'way of life'. How do we address this? So called ‘failure’ for any one day instigates The Guilt Trip Syndrome. I am a lapsed Catholic - we know all about guilt, more than anyone else in the whole wide world. And guilt is a self defeating mechanism. "I missed a day. It'll NEVER become a habit. I am worthless," and in a trice 2.5 weeks of faithfully following the SAVERS ritual falls apart. "Oh dear. No new 'Way of Life' for me."


But. I figure that there must be a way to move past and through this sense of failure - I missed day, got a letter out of order or missed one letter on a particular day. Or didn't do it all in the morning. It is The Miracle Morning is it not?

There is. It's your WHY.

Change and The Miracle Morning, 

Miracle Morning Revisited

Kindle Best Seller Publishing

Kindle Best Seller Publishing by Gundi Gabrielle

Kindle Best Seller

Kindle Best Seller Publishing. Can I just say wow? 200 pages of step by step information.

I’d Like To Give This One 7*

Almost overload sometimes, but it's not like a lecture you can go back and read it all again. I will be. I very rarely give 5 stars for a book, and I read approx 6 books every week, but I’d like to give this one 7*.

There is a resources page on her website, as well.


And almost every one of the 200 Pages includes a link to an extra resource on this page. Did I say wow?

The Guts of Kindle Publishing

I mean it. Wow. This is one of the best books I have read in the how to: genre. You are taken on a journey into the guts of Kindle Publishing.

The plan is to publish a best seller in the next 30 days, and Ms Gabrielle covers almost every minute of every hour of everyday in those 30 days. Detailing what you need to be thinking, doing, researching etc. It is masterful.

Traps For New Players

Every step is covered, including traps for new players, and if there's anything missing here, I would be very surprised.

I haven't gone down this path yet, but I feel I could, and I reckon that if I ever got lost this book would help me. Easily. A book is now on my list for 2019.

You Need To Read This Book

If you have ever, ever thought of becoming a published author, you need to read this book.

Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE!: 7 Steps to WordPress Bliss…. (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 2) by Gundi Gabrielle

You Started Your Blog

Change Your Life for Good PAME Code

Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code of Purpose, Action, Momentum, and Energy: You Can Do It, Book 1 by Dr. E V. Estacio

Change Your Lofe - PAME CodeIn spite of the title, this is really quite a simple book.


The acronym PAME is the basis for book 1 of a 3 book series ending with Fear Is Not My Enemy.

Dr Estacio is a #1 best selling author, speaker, life and leadership coach, and founder of the PAME Code. She is a psychologist who helps people embrace their true worth, so they can lkive happy and fulfilling lives.

Free Bonus

There is a free bonus offered in the first few pages 60 Motivational quotes from remarkable individuals from all over the world. But it doesn’t end there. You get invited to join a Facebook group where you can get ongoing support from the author and heaps of people just like you who realise they need help. Reader communication. Very nice. Thank you

Dr Estacio starts with a very personal story, this way you know she is for real.

She moves into instructions of how to use the book, and from there it just takes off.

Colour Coded Panels

There are lots of little colour coded panels embedded within the text adding to the ease of reading, understanding and utilising the techniques to ensure you have every opportunity to come out the other end.

The PAME Code is an acronym you will need to remember. It is a simple pathway into understanding how to make your life great again. There are others you will be introduced to that are equally as fantastic.

We move from establishing our purpose to looking at our goals, and then realising that from beginning to end it all depends on ACTION. If nothing changes – nothing changes.

12 Practical Tips

The final chapter gives you 12 practical tips that you can use to keep your spirits up as you pursue your purpose in life.

The book is so full of information, tips, tricks, links to even more information that I am sure you will want to read it more than once. I loved it and keep it handy. I have the PAME Code written on my whiteboard next to me at all times.

Thank You Dr Estacio.

The Imposter Syndrome Remedy

Fear Is Not My Enemy


The Imposter Syndrome Remedy

The Imposter Syndrome Remedy By E.V. Estacio

The Imposter Syndrome RemedyThe Imposter Syndrome has it all. It starts out with definitions and goes through the theory of Imposter Syndrome, including the need to be perfect (we all know that one), leading up to a practical 30 day guide to ridding yourself of this insidious affliction.


I started making notes right at the beginning and didn’t stop until the end. Sometimes 3 or more on one page.

There is a free bonus offered in the first few pages which you really need by the time you get to the end to keep track of your actions. But it doesn’t end there. You get invited to join a Facebook group where you can get ongoing support from the author and heaps of people just like you who realise they need help. Reader communication. Very nice. Thank you.

My notes started with:

To prevent being exposed as frauds, those with Imposter Syndrome will avoid tasks that could potentially expose gaps in their knowledge and skills.”


We learn about the PAME code to help us manage our symptoms. PAME stands for Purpose, Action, Momentum, Energy, and the book goes on to explain how this framework will help us all.

There are lots of little colour coded panels embedded within the text adding to the ease of reading, understanding and utilising the techniques to ensure you have every opportunity to come out the other end.


I loved the TLC acronym. T Is it True. L Is it Logical, and C Is it Constructive as a way to silence your inner critic.


Then we get to the truly interactive part of the book when we follow the 30 days to a better you. This is divine. Inspired. It follows the PAME route and is full of tests and important stuff you really need to beat this NASTY SYNDROME.

Great work. I would think we all need this book on some level.

Fear Is Not My Enemy

You Started Your Blog

You Started Your Blog by Gundi Gabrielle

Started a BlogYou Started Your Blog – Now What...? Wow. Gundi Gabrielle a 10 times #1 best selling author, entrepreneur and former Carnegie Hall Conductor, loves to explain complex matters in an easy to understand and fun way.

Her series “The Sassy way …. when you have NO CLUE”, has helped thousands around the world conquer the jungles of Internet marketing with humour, simplicity and sass.

The Point

This book is no exception. It starts immediately getting to the point, What do people actually want to read? Good question. That’s covered, in detail. Depends on your audience? Another good question. Defining your audience is covered, of course. The whole book takes about an hour to read, initially, but you’ll want to keep it close as you’ll need to refer to it often. I did.

It’s All There

The 6 chapters cover everything from writing style to converting traffic into subscribers and making money. What else do you need to know? Well, there are 3 other chapters (steps to success) to go and I’ll let you figure it out on your own.

There is a link to Gundi's 1st book in this series to get you started, if you need the basic techie set-up stuff.

Blog Examples

There are so many links and examples throughout the book it’s crazy. For Example, exercises for you to do, and, as with many of these books nowadays, you are not left out in the cold after you’ve read it. Look for the Facebook group you can join. SassyZenGirl. And some FREE Bonus Training.

It’s all here.

Notes & Improvements

I made gazillions of notes and still found stuff, on the next read through, that was golden.

Often when I write these reviews, I look for an improvement I can suggest. Can’t think of anything in this case.

Well done.

Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE!: 7 Steps to WordPress Bliss…. (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 2) by Gundi Gabrielle

 Passive Income Freedom – 23 ways

Miracle Morning Revisited

Miracle Morning Revisited

Miracle Morning Revisited. I do not imagine in his wildest dreams Hal intended his beautiful little SAVERS acronym, to be an added stressor to our lives.


The MIracle MorningA complete review will be published as promised, soon.


I am sure it was intended as a helper, as a way to push us to soar like eagles over the mediocrity of our current lives.

Lighten Up

To those of you who are becoming very worried about when to run through the SAVERS hour, what order to do SAVERS in, whether it must be all done in one single hour, or can be split up, or panicking because you have missed a day or two or three, can I say this in the nicest possible way? You need to lighten up. Do not take this Miracle Morning so seriously.


As I said, in the beginning, this is not meant to make life harder but to make life easier and to generate a whole new excitement in our lives. It has with mine.


But. When I've had guests for example, I have not done my Miracle Morning routine for those days. My life is about my guests then. I am using SAVERS for my own purposes. It is not the other way around.


I think Hal would be very sad if he thought that wasn't the case. Yes, the plan is to get up an hour earlier than our normal life to do this Miracle Morning, use these techniques, but, if that is not possible for any reason - other than saying you are not a morning person which is actually not true, then adjust it to fit.

Miracle Morning and Your WHY

But it must start with our WHY. Why do we think this morning miracle, this SAVERS routine is necessary in our lives? If we can't answer this question, (which by the way isn't an easy question at all), then we need to reconsider whether this technique will work for us, or is valuable for us in the first place.

Relax and let The Miracle Morning Change our Lives

Just relax. Let go. Take this Miracle Morning method into your heart. Make it work for us. We can then change our lives.

2.5 Years

I have done a calculation - for someone who had been getting up later and later every morning I found that if I get up 3 hours earlier than I normally would have, had I been working, to follow the SAVERS routine; I would add two and a half years to my life over the next 20 years. Now, how cool is that?

Change and The Miracle Morning

Change and The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning & Change.

Change is on the horizon.

What if?

What if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and any - or every area of your life was transformed? Notice the diffences. What wouldThe Miracle Morning have changed? Would you be happier? Healthier? More successful? In better shape? Would you have more energy? Less Stress? More Money? Better relationships? Which of your problems would be solved? What if I told you that there is a "not-so-obvious" secret that is guaranteed to transform any - or literally every area of your life, faster than you ever thought possible?

Enter ‘The Miracle Morning’, by Hal Elrod. What's now being practised by thousands of people around the world could perhaps be the simplest approach to creating the life you've always wanted. It's been right there in front of us, Are you ready? The next chapter of your life - the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined - is about to begin. You deserve an extraordinary life. It's time to wake up to your full potential. Change your life for the better.


My full review of this wonderful book will follow in a later post.

But let me tell you about how it is working for me. Hal Elrod sets up a series of activities one needs to do for an hour each morning under the acronym savers.


I have been pursuing this technique for nearly two months now.

Following what is written in the book, I get up, mostly when the alarm goes off; pop into the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, rinse my mouth with mouthwash - all things which were in the book and then begin my one hour (the 6 * 10 mins) SAVERS morning routine.


It starts with 10 minutes of Silence. I sit concentrating on my breathing - breathing in breathing out. Then I apply the yoga method of alternate nostril breathing which is possible. Hard but possible. I breathe in one nostril out the other, in and out I make lots of funny faces doing it but there's no one here to watch me. It takes a LOT of concentration. But that is actually the point. As the conscious mind can only handle one thing at a time, the level of effort required to practise this breathing technique eschews the brain’s ability to think other thoughts. There’s your silence right there. More about this below.

Inner Self

After this, I begin the practice of getting in touch with my inner-self. Interestingly, I notice my face seems to feel different each side. Dunno why. Perhaps I am a two-faced son-of-a-bitch. Then I concentrate on listening. I imagine a funnel, a large one, in my ear bringing all the sounds from outside and around me into that ear. After some time I visualise the same on the other side.

Body Scan

Then I do the practice in meditation they call the 'body scan'. I start with the top of my head and make like I'm relaxing everything about my body dropping down to a different part, eyelids, face, mouth, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms all the way down to my toes. Many times during this thoughts and ideas from all parts of my life push into my brain. I allow them for a short time until I realise what is happening and then shut them out by concentrating on breathing again. Repeat as necessary. At this time I also follow some healing visualisations, but more about that in a later piece. In what seems like no time the alarm goes on my watch to say I have done 10 minutes.


Then I do Affirmations. No problem choosing affirmations they're all in the separate downloads that you get FREE with the Miracle Morning book. Just combine them all together, and read them out loud, slowly, thinking about them, takes 10 minutes. Change them after you have followed the pattern for a few days. I added some leadership affirmations from Tony Robbins and ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ Declarations. Delete those that do not resonate with you. Find a place where this won’t disturb anyone else in your home. Outside in the shed, if you have to. This and the E for exercise are the only parts of this technique that might disturb anyone else. You can also do them later when it suits all concerned.


The vision board is simply envisaging in your mind’s eye (but not just seeing - smelling, hearing, feeling, touching as well), all the things that you wish to be, do or have in your life. Mine are below. Make yours up as the mood takes you. I keep it in my mind’s eye, a virtual vision board, if you will, still the same: with pictures, quotes and the whole 9 yards, but not real. I bought all the stuff to make a real one, but it is still stored behind my bedroom door.

My board includes the homes I wish to have, the holidays I am going to take my family on. A vision of how I want to look body wise, the writing I want to complete, the speaking I want to do. I also envisage a couple of my projects being finished successfully. If you get through that before the 10 min alarm goes you start it from the top again. There are a few techniques to help make this section even more relevant and more likely to have positive results. But that is for another time.


I skip the exercise at this point and go to the Reading. Currently, I am reading a book on writing, one on Habits, and ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller. I am a writer.


After this reading, I go to my desk and write or journal, exactly as instructed in the Miracle Morning book, under the second S for Scribe, for 10 minutes.

(There is a list of 11 scribing exercises a member of The Miracle Morning FaceBook group has written to assist greatly in this part of SAVERS. I’ll ask his permission to share it here for your reading delight, and scribing assistance).


Finally, I do the Exercise. 10 minutes, made up of 3 minutes planking, 4 minutes running on the spot, (I do this while at the same time putting on the coffee and dropping bread into the toaster) and 3 minutes exercise on my gym ball. Then it's time for breakfast. Now 2 or 3 mornings a week I go swimming and Thursday mornings I have yoga, so that forms the E for those days. Nothing else is required.

What does this all mean? I get up an hour before I need to do anything else during the day.


If this is not working out for you, then the only thing you might be missing is a big WHY. You get up to go to work because you have to. That is your why. The alarm goes off at 7 o'clock so you can do the required stuff and be at work at 9; because you have to. I repeat; that is your why. If you have no why you'll never get up, you will simply press snooze, over and over. You will get fired if you continue to do this. A big WHY right there.


Your house is on fire at 3:30 am in the morning. You wake up smelling smoke. You cannot hold your hand up and say, “Snooze this fire, I am not ready to get up”. No! You must immediately bounce out of bed, react to the emergency and do all the necessary things. Wake up other people and animals. Get dressed. Collect important documents. Take whatever else you have time for. No coffee. No easing into it. No excuses such as, ‘I am NOT a morning person’. Just action. Full on. That is a huge WHY right there. And you WILL do it. Guaranteed.

Possibly 24 hours later you might get to sleep in someone else's house.

If you have a WHY that is big enough you won't even need the alarm. If you don't, then this is possibly not the right technique for you. We can talk about WHY later. But in the meanwhile Google and get hold of any book entitled something like, Know your why, or Find or why. They will be very helpful.

Extra Years

I have found, that following the steps in The Miracle Morning book, I am consistently getting up 3 hours before I normally would. Over the next 20 years, this will give me over 2 years extra in my life. At 70 years of age that is magnificent. Thank you Hal Elrod.

What is this Change of which you Speak?

What is Change?

ChangeWhat is Change? Today we will look at our plans for these articles, and what is likely to be on the list to be discussed.

Changes Are Everywhere

Changes, as we have already become aware, are everywhere. Over the next weeks, months even years perhaps, I am going to discuss different types of change; different ways of approaching change. Different books about change, blogs, vlogs, articles, and podcasts will be looked at and investigated.


Hopefully, over time, those of you who know and embrace change in all of its forms will go, "Right on. That's what it's all about". And those of you who are ‘resistors’, may notice that while you don't agree with all changes, you don't disagree with them all either. You may also become aware of the reasons why you resist the changes you do, and take action where appropriate, to accept changes you don't like particularly when they are totally out of your control.  And take action, where appropriate to do so, whenever you can; to make things happen differently when change is within your control. This may be finding acceptable alternatives to proposed changes, having changes cancelled, or perhaps just finding ways to let them be, at least for the time being.


I'll discuss books like 'Habits of Highly Effective People', '30 days to change your habits', 'Atomic Habits',  ‘How to break a Habit' and many more, because habits are often the cause of resistance to change or the reason we may not be able to do something different, to change a behaviour. Then we'll look at books about change itself, 'The PAME code', 'Imposter Syndrome', ‘Switch’, 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway', and many more. Our journey will include book reviews of the books already mentioned plus heaps of others.

Corporate Change Management

Then we will look at various corporate change management policies and how changes planned, unplanned and technological are handled at the business level.

Other Stuff

We might look at politics - a bit. Then how changes occur historically in all areas will get quite a few mentions. We will cover social, educational, entertainment, health, well-being, fashion, legal, physical changes and a lot of others that we may discover together along the way.

Your Ideas

You may make some topic suggestions. You, the readers of my meanderings, may have some ideas that come to mind as we move through the list above. Let me know in the comments.

And What About?

We will discuss changes that have been brought about by protests, by legislation, by financial decisions, by medical research and, just - because. We might look at wars and conflicts to discuss what, if any, changes were caused by them. And were these changes seen to be good or bad. Remembering that in wars and often in corporate areas, history is written by the victors. So any changes here are already being portrayed in a subjective fashion.

We'll look at music and it's appreciation by our communities and others. 'Rock and Roll will never last' was one quote . We'll look at technology. 'There will never be a market for more than 5 computers'. (An unfortunate misunderstanding of remarks to an IBM stockholders meeting in 1953).

Didn’t Even Notice

Sometimes we might investigate a particular event or action or situation where change has been almost imperceptible or hardly noticeable. We'll explore and find out what the changes were caused by on these occasions. What effect they have had, and other things about the them that have kinda snuck up on us.

Self Development

A lot of time will be spent in Self Development and managing change within our own lives and the minds and lives of others inextricably entwined with ours. Change in every aspect of our daily life will be looked at, discussed, dissected, bisected, rejected and accepted, in all of its aspects over the next months, and as I said, possibly years; right here on Oh by the way did I mention we'll be looking at changing jobs, careers and other things work related? Yes we will. Until next time.