Yo friends,
I am in the process of generating a whole NEW series of Podcasts. New ‘cause I haven't done this before. Podcasts have been around for a while.
I have been reading up on what to do and am very excited about this whole idea. If you don’t know about podcasts, have a look on Wikipedia.


Podcast - Minset Reset

I have generated the required artwork for the series and each episode. I have recorded the first test episode and it is going out to beta testers today.
The first one will be about 10 mins long, but the rest should be about 20 mins. That seems to fit your busy lifestyle.
It will be updated each Wednesday (after I have pressed the go button). It is called Mindset Reset – Change your Mindset Series Podcast: Ep ???. The first one, as you can see, is called "The Beginning".


It will cover themes like change, fear, positive thinking, loneliness, books to read, goals, insecurities, values, beliefs, lifestyle planning, decision making, finance, and many other topics to do with mindfulness, changing or resetting your mindset and helping you to see things differently and maybe changing your thinking and therefore changing your life, but all of this will be in Episode 1.

New Website

There will be a new website tentatively called colinlearnstoplay.com with a URL more in keeping with this new direction. this hasn't been organised as yet. It is in the pipeline. Expect to see it from about mid-June or mid-July this year. I can’t wait.


A couple of questions.
1. What, if any, podcasts do you listen at this point in time?
2. What blogs do you follow?
3. What websites do you visit regularly?

If you can answer these it might help me tailor the content more towards your interests and make sure I don’t bore the pants off you.
As always other comments most welcome. Hit me up.

Mansfield Live A Podcast


I met a man Bojangles and ...– no that wasn’t his name and it’s not mine. Names don’t matter, but he was in a pub and we spoke a bit about music and Mansfield and all the stuff happening here. He extracted from me a promise to generate a podcast at least once a week talking about Mansfield.

It is now Monday morning and I have figured out that I can manage some time in the morning each Monday to do this. 5 mins only to start and the first one done today will not have all the bells and whistles. It will just be a bare-bones affair. No backdrop, although I do have that, it is not set up as yet. I’ll do that, probably not in time for next Monday as this week is looking like being a tad out of control already. And me in a tracky.

Mansfield Live

I’ll call it Mansfield Live, and it will cover

Books, Music, Theatre, Food, Wine, Radio, the paranormal, Bush Poetry and info about anything interesting or special about Mansfield in the week just gone and the wonderful week to follow.

After I get it going, I’ll even head off with my trusty mobile phone and record a few interviews.

Interviews and other stuff

People like Gabe Bergmoser, a local chap, now an author with a 2 book deal from Harper Collins and 2 books with movie rights either sorted or under discussion. Theatre people, Radio people arts people. All will be interviewed and have a spot in my newest venture. Mansfield Live. Look out for it.

I’d better get going as a rather large amount of research is now called for to figure out how to record and publish this podcast. I have no experience in this. Hmmm.

Let’s Gooooooooooo

Passive Income Freedom

Passive Income Freedom – 23 ways

PassiPassive Income Freedomve Income Freedom – 23 ways.

Passive Income Freedom. Yes. Give me some of that. This book started extremely well.  Gundi gave us her credentials; why we should believe that she has the goods. No boasting. Probs there could have been a bit more boasting, because she's obviously very good at what she does. And then it got better.

Disclaimers and Fast-Track

There were some disclaimers and fast-track info at the beginning and that was really great. Then we get into the monumental number of 23 passive income blueprints as she calls them, I think of them more as strategies. They are fabulous, and cover all skill levels; some I found a little complicated for my old man brain, others were quite simple and I thought, “Why haven't I figured this out before?” But that’s why we need books like this, isn’t it​?

Acronyms and Jargon

In most cases acronyms and jargon words are described, often multiple times, but occasionally I needed to refer back in the book to find out to what they referred. In this kind of book, where it is often taken in bite-size bits, in my opinion, pretty much every acronym and jargon word needs to be explained in every blueprint/strategy.

There were at least a couple of times when I thought, “Well yeah. How do you do that?” One of them was ‘covers’ in the bestseller strategy. I still don't know where/how to get great covers generated. Perhaps I’ll catch that on one of my next few reads. And there will be more reads. I am in love with the very thought of Passive Income.

Examples, Please

We’re told you must have a great title or a great hook or a great sentence etc, but we're sometimes not given any real-world examples. Lots more actual suggestions would be fabulous.

Further Information

Most of the comments in the book are linked to further information in the form of courses, videos, books etc. That is amazingly fantastic. There are so many I will need to go back 4 or 5 times to get all the golden nuggets. It is SO FULL of good (no great) stuff, I can’t believe it.


I loved the writing style too. It was clever, educational, sassy even, and kept me barrelling on through the copy even when I had a little difficulty understanding the concepts, which wasn't often. It was just so easy to read; I felt like I was sitting in a nice cool bar with Gundi, just shooting the breeze.

These blueprints or strategies are mindbogglingly fabulous. I am going to be taking some of these pages, printing them, and sticking them on my wall. I just can't believe how exciting this book is. I've been forced to stop reading several times, to consider the ramifications of some of the strategies with what I am doing in my life right now.

I see so much potential in things that I am already doing, that can be expanded using the principles in this book. I am so pumped. I'm going to have to read all of these 23 passive income strategies again.


Oh and if there is one word to take away from this book, it is Research.

Just Do It! No excuses.

Fear Is Not My Enemy, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

CCS003: 5 Success Principles

Five Success PrinciplesYOUR LIFE IN FOCUS.

Drawing on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and life affirming fundamentals we are proud to present this CD which will transform you from 'just getting by' to living and working at a new level. Success strategies at their finest.

The 5 Success Principles”

  • Know your expected outcome
  • take action
  • evaluate your progress
  • change your actions if they are not working
  • have a physiology of success

Create a new vision of your life and bring it to reality. Develop healthy change

CCS002: Radio Interview Marie Ryan and Colin Rochford – 96.5 InnerFM January 2015

On January 15th, 2015 Marie and I had a little chat about about New Year Resolutions and the 4 reasons they may not be very effective.

InnerFM is a community radio station in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.  The morning magazine programs are very much worth listening to.

We covered a lot of ground:

The four reasons included:
too many resolutions,
expecting them to just happen,
and Goals V's Resolutions
and we included a very quick explanation of SMART Goals.

Jillian 2 – Name

I asked Jillian why she still thought about her name and her birthday situations. I know they were a problem for her in the years at high school.

She said she didn't really care about them any-more; they were really not important now. I wondered?

“Besides”, she added, “They were small things”.

She went on to say, “The quote by Richard Carlson in his book 'Don't sweat the small stuff' which goes on to say – 'It's all small stuff' tells me to keep the little things in life from driving me crazy; and it's true. But some stuff does seem to be hard to totally remove from your subconscious. And it can pop up at any time, inopportune moments mostly.

“But,” she went on, “Jillian with a J does make my signature easier to write....”

“As for the other things,” she continued, “Sometimes it's easier to blame someone or something else.

“I know that's not right, but, ya know, it's not my fault. I didn't choose when to be born. How could I? But when I was a kid it seemed that something or someone else was always more important then me and my needs. I know I used to cry a lot.”

Deep stuff. You probably figure that as TMI (too much Information), but Jillian is really a cool person. If we are gunna do this we have to take everything. Only 100% game playing here.

Jillian works for a large multi-national company and is still (as far as I know) after all these years – enough to earn Long Service Leave – not in an executive role. I asked her about that.


Jillian 1a – Why

Why am I doing this? A recent question about my Jillian posts. Good question.

The answer.

I fancy myself as a writer to be, and this seemed like a way to practice writing dialogue and following the age old writer's dictum of 'Show, Don't Tell.'

I contacted Jillian and it was agreed that this might well be a good idea. She said she trusted me, and knew I would not say anything really terrible, nor give out any identifying information.

She also figured that a third party opinion of her and her life, (and in public as well), might be very interesting and also maybe helpful in giving her a different view of herself and perhaps even an insight into her life now and in the future.

So there you are.