What is this Change of which you Speak?

What is Change?

ChangeWhat is Change? Today we will look at our plans for these articles, and what is likely to be on the list to be discussed.

Changes Are Everywhere

Changes, as we have already become aware, are everywhere. Over the next weeks, months even years perhaps, I am going to discuss different types of change; different ways of approaching change. Different books about change, blogs, vlogs, articles, and podcasts will be looked at and investigated.


Hopefully, over time, those of you who know and embrace change in all of its forms will go, "Right on. That's what it's all about". And those of you who are ‘resistors’, may notice that while you don't agree with all changes, you don't disagree with them all either. You may also become aware of the reasons why you resist the changes you do, and take action where appropriate, to accept changes you don't like particularly when they are totally out of your control.  And take action, where appropriate to do so, whenever you can; to make things happen differently when change is within your control. This may be finding acceptable alternatives to proposed changes, having changes cancelled, or perhaps just finding ways to let them be, at least for the time being.


I'll discuss books like 'Habits of Highly Effective People', '30 days to change your habits', 'Atomic Habits',  ‘How to break a Habit' and many more, because habits are often the cause of resistance to change or the reason we may not be able to do something different, to change a behaviour. Then we'll look at books about change itself, 'The PAME code', 'Imposter Syndrome', ‘Switch’, 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway', and many more. Our journey will include book reviews of the books already mentioned plus heaps of others.

Corporate Change Management

Then we will look at various corporate change management policies and how changes planned, unplanned and technological are handled at the business level.

Other Stuff

We might look at politics - a bit. Then how changes occur historically in all areas will get quite a few mentions. We will cover social, educational, entertainment, health, well-being, fashion, legal, physical changes and a lot of others that we may discover together along the way.

Your Ideas

You may make some topic suggestions. You, the readers of my meanderings, may have some ideas that come to mind as we move through the list above. Let me know in the comments.

And What About?

We will discuss changes that have been brought about by protests, by legislation, by financial decisions, by medical research and, just - because. We might look at wars and conflicts to discuss what, if any, changes were caused by them. And were these changes seen to be good or bad. Remembering that in wars and often in corporate areas, history is written by the victors. So any changes here are already being portrayed in a subjective fashion.

We'll look at music and it's appreciation by our communities and others. 'Rock and Roll will never last' was one quote . We'll look at technology. 'There will never be a market for more than 5 computers'. (An unfortunate misunderstanding of remarks to an IBM stockholders meeting in 1953).

Didn’t Even Notice

Sometimes we might investigate a particular event or action or situation where change has been almost imperceptible or hardly noticeable. We'll explore and find out what the changes were caused by on these occasions. What effect they have had, and other things about the them that have kinda snuck up on us.

Self Development

A lot of time will be spent in Self Development and managing change within our own lives and the minds and lives of others inextricably entwined with ours. Change in every aspect of our daily life will be looked at, discussed, dissected, bisected, rejected and accepted, in all of its aspects over the next months, and as I said, possibly years; right here on career-change-strategies.com.au. Oh by the way did I mention we'll be looking at changing jobs, careers and other things work related? Yes we will. Until next time.

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