Shocked and Saddened

OMG! Shocked and Saddened!

Last Sunday afternoon as I was leaving the Dandenong market just after 3.00pm, I waved cheerio and sang out, “See ya next week” to one of the long term sellers as he was packing up for the week. He was one of the all-time market stalwarts, a man well known and well liked by all. He was a very ebullient chap, always up for a chat. Some might say a tad over-the-top, but he was great fun.

As was his want he replied with his usual war-cry., “Harry Hoo, Delicious.” And waved.

How were either of us to know that within a few short hours he would depart this earth? Tom (for that was his real name), passed away later that night.)

I have no idea how or why. I don't know how old he was, certainly older than me (isn't everyone?) but when I heard the news this morning – to say I was shocked and saddened would be a massive understatement.

What I do know is that you only have the HERE and the NOW. There is no telling when your time will come.

If you have been saving yourself for something or someone or anything. Just go out there and DO IT. Don't wait. Just like Tom (or Harry) you may not get the chance later. Live for today like there is no tomorrow. For some of us there won't be.

I am not suggesting you be silly or anything, I am just saying putting off any action because the time is not right, or you don't have the money, or your health is not great - is a mistake.

Go out and FIND a way. There is always a way. Perhaps you might need to make a small change to your plans, but don't wait. There is no RIGHT time.

What do you think Tom's plans were for Monday? Tuesday he should have expected to be back at the market. What about the overseas holiday (I'm making this up – but you get the picture) he didn't take last month (or whenever) because he couldn't make up his mind?

Perhaps he did all that he wanted to, but can any of us say we are ready to go - TONIGHT?

Today changed my thinking. Will it change yours?

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