Yo friends,
I am in the process of generating a whole NEW series of Podcasts. New ‘cause I haven't done this before. Podcasts have been around for a while.
I have been reading up on what to do and am very excited about this whole idea. If you don’t know about podcasts, have a look on Wikipedia.


Podcast - Minset Reset

I have generated the required artwork for the series and each episode. I have recorded the first test episode and it is going out to beta testers today.
The first one will be about 10 mins long, but the rest should be about 20 mins. That seems to fit your busy lifestyle.
It will be updated each Wednesday (after I have pressed the go button). It is called Mindset Reset – Change your Mindset Series Podcast: Ep ???. The first one, as you can see, is called "The Beginning".


It will cover themes like change, fear, positive thinking, loneliness, books to read, goals, insecurities, values, beliefs, lifestyle planning, decision making, finance, and many other topics to do with mindfulness, changing or resetting your mindset and helping you to see things differently and maybe changing your thinking and therefore changing your life, but all of this will be in Episode 1.

New Website

There will be a new website tentatively called colinlearnstoplay.com with a URL more in keeping with this new direction. this hasn't been organised as yet. It is in the pipeline. Expect to see it from about mid-June or mid-July this year. I can’t wait.


A couple of questions.
1. What, if any, podcasts do you listen at this point in time?
2. What blogs do you follow?
3. What websites do you visit regularly?

If you can answer these it might help me tailor the content more towards your interests and make sure I don’t bore the pants off you.
As always other comments most welcome. Hit me up.

By Colin on May 1, 2020 · Posted in Musings and Ideas for Discussion

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