It’s My Body

It’s My Body

“It’s my body – I should be able to do with it what I want.” or something like that a young woman was reported as saying recently.

She was arguing that the operation she wanted, ‘tubal ligation’ was not allowed because she was too young and might change her mind at a later date, and the op was irreversible.

All good reasons (if it is true that the operation was not able to be reversed – and I am not privy to any medical information to accept or deny this claim, Google tells me it is) but she then went on to say that her boyfriend/fiancée/husband whatever, was allowed to have a vasectomy and he was 1 year younger than her.

It was wrong and unfair were her main assertions.

I agree that the treatment of people differently because of their gender is wrong in every sense.

If it is possible to reverse a vasectomy (and I really have no medical knowledge of this either, again Google suggests it is), then I personally fail to see any valid surgical or personal reason why a procedure would be available for males but a similar procedure is not available to females. Gender bias is not acceptable in my mind in almost every case.

(Beware – Judgement coming up)

But there is another side to this argument. (Isn’t there always?)

If the reason for this operation is birth control and not a medical necessity, then I must ask (and I am a bloke), what other options have this couple tried? I am led to believe that birth control was part of the reason. More about this a bit later.

There are quite a number of choices available to avoid pregnancy that do not require surgery, which I would have thought a fairly major undertaking.

Abstention is the most successful, of course; then we have various forms of medication available for both males and females I think. What about condoms and other methods such as IUD’s etc?

It seems to me that it is wrong to carry on about a medical decision that is not in your favour when that is not the only way to achieve a stated aim. Avoid pregnancy.

Seems to me that to claim the system is wrong because it won’t let me do what I want with my body, when I have many other choices I can make, is itself wrong.

This person can take control of the situation herself and actually do with her body what she wants without involving anyone else at all.

Medical reasons aside, you are in charge of your body – male or female, and I would have thought that involving the medical profession in your decision to not become pregnant is ridiculous, and an abdication of responsibility and YES control.

You are not doing what YOU want with YOUR body if it requires another person or people to be involved.

But this woman is correct. It is her body, and we as a society provide a number of non-invasive ways for her to protect that body from the ravages of pregnancy, and childbirth, which are both quite extreme, I believe.

To say the decision not to operate (which is a doctor’s and surgeon’s right, of course), will cause hurt is really too silly for words. An operation is invasive. It hurts. Maybe not as much as pregnancy and childbirth, I don’t know, but it will hurt nonetheless.

Furthermore, it is not necessary, in this case, to avoid the ‘hurt’ of pregnancy.

Take control of YOUR body and use one or more of other available methods to achieve your goal. Unless there is a reason for medical intervention in the form of surgery; then all bets are off, and it is reprehensible for medical professionals to withhold a means of treatment which will fix a problem.

But other than a situation outlined above, be proactive, and do not bitch about the fact that others will not step up to the plate for you if you are not willing to do something yourself.

After all, it is your body.

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