Miracle Morning Revisited

Miracle Morning Revisited

Miracle Morning Revisited. I do not imagine in his wildest dreams Hal intended his beautiful little SAVERS acronym, to be an added stressor to our lives.


The MIracle MorningA complete review will be published as promised, soon.


I am sure it was intended as a helper, as a way to push us to soar like eagles over the mediocrity of our current lives.

Lighten Up

To those of you who are becoming very worried about when to run through the SAVERS hour, what order to do SAVERS in, whether it must be all done in one single hour, or can be split up, or panicking because you have missed a day or two or three, can I say this in the nicest possible way? You need to lighten up. Do not take this Miracle Morning so seriously.


As I said, in the beginning, this is not meant to make life harder but to make life easier and to generate a whole new excitement in our lives. It has with mine.


But. When I've had guests for example, I have not done my Miracle Morning routine for those days. My life is about my guests then. I am using SAVERS for my own purposes. It is not the other way around.


I think Hal would be very sad if he thought that wasn't the case. Yes, the plan is to get up an hour earlier than our normal life to do this Miracle Morning, use these techniques, but, if that is not possible for any reason - other than saying you are not a morning person which is actually not true, then adjust it to fit.

Miracle Morning and Your WHY

But it must start with our WHY. Why do we think this morning miracle, this SAVERS routine is necessary in our lives? If we can't answer this question, (which by the way isn't an easy question at all), then we need to reconsider whether this technique will work for us, or is valuable for us in the first place.

Relax and let The Miracle Morning Change our Lives

Just relax. Let go. Take this Miracle Morning method into your heart. Make it work for us. We can then change our lives.

2.5 Years

I have done a calculation - for someone who had been getting up later and later every morning I found that if I get up 3 hours earlier than I normally would have, had I been working, to follow the SAVERS routine; I would add two and a half years to my life over the next 20 years. Now, how cool is that?

Change and The Miracle Morning

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