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I met a man Bojangles and ...– no that wasn’t his name and it’s not mine. Names don’t matter, but he was in a pub and we spoke a bit about music and Mansfield and all the stuff happening here. He extracted from me a promise to generate a podcast at least once a week talking about Mansfield.

It is now Monday morning and I have figured out that I can manage some time in the morning each Monday to do this. 5 mins only to start and the first one done today will not have all the bells and whistles. It will just be a bare-bones affair. No backdrop, although I do have that, it is not set up as yet. I’ll do that, probably not in time for next Monday as this week is looking like being a tad out of control already. And me in a tracky.

Mansfield Live

I’ll call it Mansfield Live, and it will cover

Books, Music, Theatre, Food, Wine, Radio, the paranormal, Bush Poetry and info about anything interesting or special about Mansfield in the week just gone and the wonderful week to follow.

After I get it going, I’ll even head off with my trusty mobile phone and record a few interviews.

Interviews and other stuff

People like Gabe Bergmoser, a local chap, now an author with a 2 book deal from Harper Collins and 2 books with movie rights either sorted or under discussion. Theatre people, Radio people arts people. All will be interviewed and have a spot in my newest venture. Mansfield Live. Look out for it.

I’d better get going as a rather large amount of research is now called for to figure out how to record and publish this podcast. I have no experience in this. Hmmm.

Let’s Gooooooooooo

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