Learning. What Did You Learn Today?

Learning. What Did You Learn Today?

Just been reading about Metropolitan Opera star Rise Stevens, an American operatic mezzo-soprano. Beginning in 1938, she sang for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City for more than two decades during the 1940s and 1950s. She was most noted for her portrayals of the central character in Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Once, when she failed an audition, she realised she had a lot to learn. One of the things was more languages because opera singers often sing in languages such as German or Italian and others don't they?

Required Learnings Not Always Obvious

Made me think. Sometimes what we need to learn is not immediately obvious. An opera singer needs to expand her voice range. goes without saying. Expanding your languages, less so.

Me (And You)

I think I need to look around me at what is happening and perhaps the learning I need is equally not obvious. Much food for thought as I ate my breakfast this Friday morning.

What Did You Learn Today?

By Colin on June 7, 2019 · Posted in Musings and Ideas for Discussion, Thought Leadership

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