Idlay and the DVD’s

The Milk of Human Kindness

I have to write this. In some way I hope that the woman who is the subject of this doesn’t see it as she will be mortified, but then again, she deserves to know that this is being written about.


I met this lovely woman Idlay (pronounced eye di lay) on Friday Sept 25th when I was in Sydney for the Anthony Robbins Seminar. I know almost nothing else about her, as I hardly saw her again during the 4 days I was in Sydney. I know she was a crew member because it said so on her T-Shirt.

I was standing at the booth where they were selling DVD's and other paraphernalia related to the seminar topics. A woman was asking questions about a set of DVD's but was undecided.

Idlay turned up out of the blue and began talking to the undecided person as if she had know here for years, She was just wonderful. The conversation went back and forward like old friends. Our prospective buyer – let's call her Liz as it will be easier – finally decided that she could use the DVD's and that they might make a difference to her life. Liz had decided to buy.

But. And it was a big but. The total investment was quite some dollars more than Liz had at her disposal.


Without batting an eyelid, Idlay said, “I'll pay half for you.”

Now to say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement, but Liz just burst into tears. Not loud sobbing, she was a classy lady, but the tears were there and her immediate reaction was, “NO! I can't let you do that.”

But Idlay had already scurried off to get her credit card to facilitate this transaction.

Remember these two had only met about 10 mins ago. They were virtually strangers.


On her return Idlay and Liz had further deep and heavy discussions about the efficacy of this DVD course and after a fair bit of teary protestation, then counter offers, the transaction was completed. Idlay had paid half of the investment for a DVD set she would never see. for a woman she had only just met.

If I had not been there I would have called this as one of the most unlikely happenings ever. And I would have thought it a sad and unfortunate bad taste joke.

Not a Joke

But no. It happened. How can we have people randomly shoot and kill other human beings for no apparent reason, and Idlay open the purse of human kindness in such a manner? Again for no reason that I could see other than we just do this for people we love and that love can extend to strangers in need. It just does not make sense that these two diametrically opposed reactions can come form the same human race. .

This is a shining example of the good we can encounter everywhere in our lives. It is there we just do not all that often get the chance to see it in action.


I know the universal law of reciprocity works. I trust our friend Idlay will reap in abundance for her totally selfless act on this day, for a stranger she deemed to be in need.

I found out a little later that Idlay had looked at a personal-care product for herself at a fraction of the price she paid for the DVD's, earlier in the day and had decided not to spend that amount of money on herself.


I, of course, don’t understand the motivation for these actions as they occurred on this day, but I applaud Idlay for giving, and Liz for receiving (for those who receive serve as well) and know both these fabulous women have met for a reason and theirs and our world is so much richer for this circumstance. I am also very glad I was there to witness it for myself. Thank You Idlay.

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