Helping Others

Helping Others

Some of you may have been aware of my eye problems recently.

I have been afflicted over the last few months with cataracts in both eyes. While it started along with glaucoma some long time ago it became rampant from April this year (2015). Such that I have grave difficulty seeing much detail at all.

I manage, I am not blind. It is sometimes hard and often very frustrating, but it is not a disaster.

Which brings me to the point of all this.

Help when needed

The other day while I was recharging my public transport card at an automatic machine on the station, all was well until I needed to use the credit card bit. I couldn't read the instructions. I shielded the light, moved my nose to almost touch the machine, and swayed from side to side in an attempt to make the view clearer. All to no avail. After some time the woman behind me asked if I needed help. I did. I said so and told her I couldn’t read the screen. She said it is asking for an account type. I remember the middle button on the top row was for savings, that worked. “Now.” she said, “It is asking for a PIN.” The keypad was big enough for me to see and execute this, but anyway I remembered the pattern of the numbers. She then told me it was asking for a receipt and said the button on the left is no. All done, I moved out of the way and she was able to do her own business.

What this meant to me is that we must all be aware, when offering to help someone having an issue, when such help is required.


I think it is much more than just visually observing a person and how they are acting. I believe it is a result of linking up with the energy that is present in us all. The Chinese call it Chi or qi, it is Ki in Japanese and many other languages have words to express this concept which is often regarded as an active part of every living thing, figuratively: “material energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Elements of the qi concept can also be found in Western popular culture, for example "The Force" in Star Wars.

The more we become aware of ourselves and others as manifestations of energy flow, the better we well get at living this thing we call life.

It's there for us all to pick up. The so called lower forms of animal life can sense it immediately. A dog, for example, knows when you are frightened.

The Force

I will talk more about this in later posts, but I understand more now how it feels to be helped when you need it and to be left to sort it out yourself when you can. If a person in a wheelchair has a wheel stuck between the platform and a train carriage, or is being pursued by an angry orang-utan then they may need your help; otherwise they are quite possibly OK.

If we open up as human beings to feel or accept or even just understand these energy fields or life flows within us we will begin to serve ourselves and others at a much higher level. #CareerChangeStrategies

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