CHANGE – Cannot be Avoided


ChangeChange is the only event in life we can't escape. The only part of our lives we must face each and every day. They say taxes and death fit this bill but taxes you can minimise; (or avoid depending on your morals), and you can cheat the Grim Reaper for a long time with healthy living and the intervention of the ever-increasing advances of Medical Science. Some say that with cryo-technology you can cheat it (death that is), forever.

But as long as you live, you must face and conquer this phenomenon that is change.

It could be simply just a different flavour of jam on your morning toast or more far reaching such as a new job, a move to a new town, city or country, a new relationship, a relationship falling apart.

Not My Fault

Every aspect of our lives; every hour of every day - to the years as they stack up, is bombarded by change. You often can't prepare for it, but suddenly - there it is. You may say, "It is not my fault. I didn't do anything. It was the crappy government. Or it was ‘them’ - a useful scapegoat." Doesn’t matter. You still have to work with it.

Change happens to rich and poor alike. No matter who or what you are, you must DEAL with it and here's the point of this - since it is inevitable, you, that's you and me too, need to develop a way to accept and move through it.


Reminds me of the Serenity prayer that has become the mantra for Alcoholics Anonymous: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Change Management

Large businesses, conglomerates, even governments large and small have a set of processes as part of their business plans to deal with change. Change Management they call it. Covers planned and unplanned changes. Getting married might be called a planned change although afterwards some might question the validity of that claim. Married living, I'm told, often doesn't seem to fit into the planned category. Nevertheless it is at least in the beginning, planned.


Unplanned changes might be forest fires, floods, earthquakes or a myriad of other natural events that cause the life we have been living up to that point to change forever in ways hard to have ever imagined.

How we deal with this is up to us. I spoke with a woman the other day, who had lost her home in a bushfire. She didn't even know this fact for days because they were they were unable to go back to the town and no news was coming out of it. Devastating. She seemed very well adjusted.


It can sneak up on you as well. Technological or climate change can do this. One day the device you are using or ways of doing things become obsolete and you need to find new ways of doing old tasks. Or the number of very hot or very cold days keeps increasing and you have to come to terms with climate change.

Politics changes, language changes - I mean can all of you understand your teenage children anymore? What does ‘WOKE’ mean for example, other than the obvious?

Everything changes

Food changes, fashions, style, shopping. Everything. One day you go to buy petrol and you will have to put your credit card (no cash) into a slot in the pump; fill your car take your card and go. No people. Who can remember full driveway service? In America there was a huge scare some years ago pointing out that filling up your own car risked death, sickness or serious disability. We moved on from that didn't we?


Books are becoming digital. Big Change. Many are resisting. It will happen.

My favourite for ‘anti-changers’ is to note how much easier it is to get around now that we are using cars instead of horses and carts. Everyone loved that change.

Stop the World - I want to get off

Changes can be difficult to cope with. Some are slow; or fast, but change is inexorable.

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