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A Career Change Strategy is just that: a plan relating to changes in a career.

Does this mean changing a job? What is a career anyway?

What is a Career?

We need to establish this before we talk about change. A job is, simply put, swapping time for money. Jobs can be short-term, long-term, highly or lowly paid, contract or direct employment. They can be based on love or just expediency. They can require a lot, a little, or no training and or experience. But, I guess, the main differentiator is passion. A career is something that a person follows because they really LOVE what they are doing and consider it more than ‘just a job’.

Short or Long

A career is almost always long-term, but not always as a self employed person, and not always with a single employer. Careers are usually, if not in one’s own company or as an entrepreneur, involved in the same or similar industries. A career in IT for example may span, over time, a number of different companies, some small, some large, and sometimes even departments within larger companies where IT may or may not be the core activity.

Career Change is A New Path

A career change perhaps suggests a new path. Something different from that which you have been pursuing for the last period of your life. A new job perhaps; but more than that. A new kind of work is being undertaken. A new passion being followed. From IT to engineering for example. That kind of change will likely involve more training, but that should not be an issue since it is only too late to begin something new when you cease breathing.

Career Change Strategy - Some Ideas

A career change may involve moving from employment to contracting, or starting a business, or following an entrepreneurial bent in a new direction. There are many ways to see this happening. Moving into speaker or training mode in the same industry segment as a previous career is an example.

If a career minded person was to take on the task of, say,managing various groups as a new business eg, as an agent or a procurer for their current career choice, that could well be a career change while they remain within the boundaries of their current path.

Add to The Mix

One of the other options is to keep doing what you are doing but add something else into the mix. Sometimes referred to, somewhat unfortunately, as a ‘Side Hustle’. Network Marketing is an example of this.

The Muse

Another idea many people have been known to follow is the muse. It has been said we all have a book in us. Fiction or not. But a book none-the-less. It's probably true, as each one of us has had, or is still having hopefully, a unique path through life. Our own life experiences: sadness, happiness, disaster, adventure, success, failure, training, jobs, careers, people we've known. Perhaps events we've been part of, things we’ve owned etc and there is something in all of that which makes for a great story, which can be just entertainment or even a learning experience we’ve had that we might feel the need to impart to others. It's true. Everyone has something to say.

But how do you make this happen?

Ways To Make This Writing Change Happen

There are many webinars, online courses, live seminars for example dedicated to make this happen. Some promising a book in 48 hours. Over a weekend retreat. Lots of books have been written about how to make it happen. And, of course, electronic publishing (self publishing) has become a viable option. Amazon has created a massive opportunity for many of us (options even include training videos) and a real career change might be to write that story. Get that book out of you.

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CHANGE – Cannot be Avoided

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