Loneliness Is … Blame


Loneliness Is … Blame

It is sad that blame seems to be arising again. I am very sad that many humans seem to be unable to take responsibility for their own actions.

Two occurrences I came across recently have me feeling the need to call out this behaviour.

But firstly, let me say that is is my belief that feelings of loneliness fall into this category. If we blame someone else for our FEELINGS, they will NEVER be sorted.


Okay. Here we go.

#1. Daniel Radcliffe.

He posted in FB that he blamed the Harry Potter series of movies that made him rich and made him famous as the reason why he became, a few years ago, addicted to booze. Made him a drunkard, he said.

Well, I wasn’t with him those days, but I very much doubt anything other than his own arm and hand held the glass that he so ingenuously poured down his own throat.

No movie did that. No mate did that. No fan did that. (They just gave him the mney to do it to himself.)

How can this be true?

He reckoned it took him a few years to break this habit (yes it was a habit), and in the end, he said that it was a decision he made himself, with a little help from his friends. to drag himself back from the brink.

Finally, he admitted that HE and HE alone was responsible for this drinking problem. Now he also said he had help. Nothing in what I am saying necessarily says you can do this – break the habit - on your own. Help is almost always necessary, but solving any problem cannot be done without complete acceptance that you are in charge of your own destiny. Help is cool. But you are in control. Good on you Daniel. Nailed it.

#2. Road Accident.

I also read about a road accident near where I live. A FB poster suggested that the accident was caused by poor road conditions.

Now this is a bit more interesting. Yes, of course, if road and weather conditions are ideal then these kinds of accidents are less likely to occur.

But as the world is so very far from being ideal we cannot rely on this situation to avoid accidents.

And during my life as a driver I have more times than I wish to be reminded, been told, “You must drive according to the conditions.” Meaning the responsibility is on you – not the road, not the weather, not animals or people in the way nor ANYTHING EXTERNAL. It is up to You.


So, in this case was the road poorly maintained – a judgement call for sure, but maybe? Not that it’s relevant. If you can’t see, stop. I can guarantee if you are stopped and in as safe a position as you can be, it is less likely that you will have an accident. Not impossible, but less likely.

Of course someone else relying on other people to be in charge of their destiny might run into you, (after all visibility and road conditions are what they are) and even if you have made the best possible choices to avoid an accident – this might not always be enough, you may still find yourself embroiled in a bad situation. Nothing can avoid shit all the time. The universe may have had it in for you this day. How you deal with this is a topic for another time.

Take responsibility. Be in-charge of you.


How do I link these stories with Loneliness?

Well it is quite simple. If we accept, as most authorities do, that loneliness is an emotion, a feeling, and not something that is solid nor an actual object, but a mental thing, then perhaps if we blame other people and other external things for our condition, then this is a case of NOT accepting that we are in control of us.

This being so, then loneliness might be mitigated if we take responsibility. Be in-charge of you.

Think about it.

Quick to Blame

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