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How to Overcome Your Fear of Change

Braving Change

  • Do you face life, and the state of affairs that surround you, with joy and anticipation? Or trepidation and fear?
  • How do you deal with the changes that happen in your own life? In the world as a whole?

Don't worry, you're in good company!

  • Do you feel anxious when you believe you are not in control and do not REALLY know what’s going to happen next?
  • Are you afraid to get up in the morning because life is so scary and black?

There are millions like you in our crazy, fast-paced modern world.

Could it be that you are happy within your comfort zone and completely lost outside it?

Sounds like change has captured you in its thrall.

We are not talking clinical depression here or any illness, just a general malaise that leaves you unable to carry on your life without complaining about stuff going on around you or feeling that you want to stop the world and get off.


Could be Fear. Could be Fear of Change. This can be very debilitating and leave a person with an inability to see things from a positive point of view and continually thinking about the past and how much better things seemed to be back then.

The Past

Well. The past is the past. As Shakespeare said in Macbeth, “Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done is done.”

We cannot live there. In the past, I mean. We have no guaranteed future and this moment, the present, is all we can be sure of.

And this “present” of which we speak, will be different from those days gone by. It has to be. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame is credited with first delivering the statement, “We are either ‘green and growing’, or we are ‘ripe and rotting’. Change is inescapable.”


What this means is that we must be growing/changing each and every day. Yes, you and me, and the world itself. Things will not be the same tomorrow as they are today. It’s a fact.

Being afraid of change is perhaps like worrying that the sun won’t come up in the morning, or that the tide won’t came back in. These things WILL happen. You can’t stop them.

Overcome Resistance

How do you overcome this resistance to change? This wish that everything was like it was yesterday?

Colin Rochford has written a lovely little book which helps you understand that not all change is bad and that even bad changes have silver linings.
He includes a potted history of the world from 2.8M BCE to now, showing a few of the massive changes that have beset the human race in that time. There are more of us now than at any other time, so these changes are not killing us off!


The book gives you a way of understanding why changes happen, how they affect you and what to do about them. Most specifically it will help you to overcome your fear of change and turn it into a positive force for good (for you).


It will give you insights into how change has been managed throughout our history and helps you transform from being frightened and threatened by change to someone who embraces the very thought of it, and heads out into the sea of humanity each day with a spring in his/her step ready for whatever the universe throws out.

Comfort Zone Boundaries Broken

After reading this book you will be transformed. You will no longer wish to stay in your comfort zone. You will want, and need, to push past the boundary conditions of your life and leap into the unknown. Living with a growth mentality.

How exciting is that?

Chapters Cover:

  1. Understanding Fear, Change, & Fear Of Change.
  2. A Short World History Of Change
  3. Why We Are Afraid Of Change
  4. What We Can Do About It
  5. Moving Forward With A Different Outlook/Focus

Hitch up your pants or skirts (so you don’t trip), RUN back up to the top of this page and buy this truth-bomb now while you still can.