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No Need to Fear Change – Amazon Canada

Well written, concise book. It helps us to push past our fears of change by giving us some background and 5 strategies that will help. I am already finding these strategies to be simple to initiate and effective for my fears. In a nutshell, It works.

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The Ultimate Guide Through The Scary Inevitable – Amazon UK

Having recently gone through a major change in life, and figuring out my way through another fascinating journey, Colin’s idea of “Braving Change” resonated so much so I grabbed it with both my hands (digitally speaking) without hesitation.

Written by a bloke, the book is devoid of fluffy, soft words and euphemisms. By the author’s own admission - he loves change, so there is no traditional ‘comfort zone’ offered for those of us apprehensive/scared of change, either. What Colin does offer, though, is much more valuable than ‘there, there, it will be alright dear’.

He throws the reader straight into the deep end by asking ‘Are you afraid of change?’ And then he not only reassures us reminding us that ‘change is the only constant’, he goes on to explain why change must occur, even giving us a historical overview of change and how it affected us as humanity, he also explains what makes us so resistant to change.

And then... then he walks with us through the steps to help us navigate and welcome changes in our lives - big and small, and he keeps guiding us through that labyrinth of life and our own minds until we too, get (re)infected with Colin’s zest for truly experiencing life. And if after catching that ‘love life and change’ bug we happen to hit a roadblock - it’s ok. We now have our own personal, albeit digital, life change coach: “Braving Change”, in our pockets; and that’s just book 1 of the series you wouldn’t want to miss.

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By Colin on November 7, 2019 · Posted in Book Summaries / Reviews

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