Passive Income Freedom – 23 ways

PassiPassive Income Freedomve Income Freedom – 23 ways.

Passive Income Freedom. Yes. Give me some of that. This book started extremely well.  Gundi gave us her credentials; why we should believe that she has the goods. No boasting. Probs there could have been a bit more boasting, because she's obviously very good at what she does. And then it got better.

Disclaimers and Fast-Track

There were some disclaimers and fast-track info at the beginning and that was really great. Then we get into the monumental number of 23 passive income blueprints as she calls them, I think of them more as strategies. They are fabulous, and cover all skill levels; some I found a little complicated for my old man brain, others were quite simple and I thought, “Why haven't I figured this out before?” But that’s why we need books like this, isn’t it​?

Acronyms and Jargon

In most cases acronyms and jargon words are described, often multiple times, but occasionally I needed to refer back in the book to find out to what they referred. In this kind of book, where it is often taken in bite-size bits, in my opinion, pretty much every acronym and jargon word needs to be explained in every blueprint/strategy.

There were at least a couple of times when I thought, “Well yeah. How do you do that?” One of them was ‘covers’ in the bestseller strategy. I still don't know where/how to get great covers generated. Perhaps I’ll catch that on one of my next few reads. And there will be more reads. I am in love with the very thought of Passive Income.

Examples, Please

We’re told you must have a great title or a great hook or a great sentence etc, but we're sometimes not given any real-world examples. Lots more actual suggestions would be fabulous.

Further Information

Most of the comments in the book are linked to further information in the form of courses, videos, books etc. That is amazingly fantastic. There are so many I will need to go back 4 or 5 times to get all the golden nuggets. It is SO FULL of good (no great) stuff, I can’t believe it.


I loved the writing style too. It was clever, educational, sassy even, and kept me barrelling on through the copy even when I had a little difficulty understanding the concepts, which wasn't often. It was just so easy to read; I felt like I was sitting in a nice cool bar with Gundi, just shooting the breeze.

These blueprints or strategies are mindbogglingly fabulous. I am going to be taking some of these pages, printing them, and sticking them on my wall. I just can't believe how exciting this book is. I've been forced to stop reading several times, to consider the ramifications of some of the strategies with what I am doing in my life right now.

I see so much potential in things that I am already doing, that can be expanded using the principles in this book. I am so pumped. I'm going to have to read all of these 23 passive income strategies again.


Oh and if there is one word to take away from this book, it is Research.

Just Do It! No excuses.

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