Fear Is Not My Enemy

Fear Is Not My Enemy: The PAME Code To Retrain Your Brain From Fear To Courage And An Amazing Life! (Psychology In Your Life Book 3) By Dr Emee Vida Estacio


Fear is Not My Enemy

Fear Is Not My Enemy is one really cool book. I liked it very much I didn't like the PAME Code in the title and on the cover, though. It almost put me off, and reeks of Pop Psychology from Kmart, to me.

I liked it a lot when I found out what it meant but it wasn't a selling point. Not for me, at least.

I loved the “listen to your inner Critic”, You need to listen not necessarily follow.” That is fantastic. Don't be afraid of your thoughts. Pull them apart and DEAL with them.


The Fear bomb. TLC loved it to death: “Is It True? Is It Logical? Is It Constructive?” I've never heard it quite like that before and it's so exciting, I plan to follow that in my life, from now on. Great way to conquer fear.

Loved the Neuroscience, Biology lessons in the beginning. I found them easy to understand. I probably got it for the first time. Very well done.

I didn't like the ‘Try It’ bits I skipped them. They didn’t seem to fit.

Australia is a big market, possibly the third-largest. I wonder could you include us in your lists of people to see for help at the end of those chapters, please?

I loved the “save them on your device” message, kind of pushing us into the 21st century.

Other Books

Fear was a great book. I will now have to go and find books 1 and 2 because I want to Change My Life and I want to learn more about The Imposter Syndrome, and I know I will understand all of it better when reading this author. So will you.

Thank you very much for a great and inspirational read.

Another book discussing the same topic that I have reviewed before. Feel The Fear!

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