The Falling Girl by Thomas Fincham

The Falling Girl by Thomas Fincham – A Review

The Falling Girl - Thomas Fincham

Sometimes I comment, in reviews, about the convoluted plots, the fairly large cast of characters, and the fact that I find difficulty understanding where the book is going.

I now realise after reading The Falling Girl by Thomas Fincham, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of characters of the complexity of the plot or anything else, it is all about the skill of the writer. And Thomas Fincham is indeed a very skilful writer.

I enjoyed every bit of this book and would happily recommend it to anyone. Adding onto his series Echo Rose, Hyder Ali etc this Lee Callaway series will be another run away hit. The twists - and yes there was more than one, at the end of the story were masterly handled.

Thank you Mr Fincham for another exciting, exhilarating, satisfying and fascinating foray into the dark side. I want to be Lee Callaway.

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