Colin Rochford is a Life coach, teacher, training course developer - administrator and presenter. As well he is a public speaker, radio announcer, writer, published author, actor, theatre director, traveller, and volunteer.

Also, I am an avid reader and have some sailing experience (I crewed on the tall ship Enterprize in Melbourne Australia). My ultimate goal is to run a business from a 52 foot motor yacht somewhere in the world. When I am not reading my kindle in the sun on the deck with a long, cool glass of expensive champagne. And chocolate, of course.


Currently I live a retired lifestyle in Mansfield,  my home town in country Victoria,  Australia, where I am actively involved on several committees. I am a presenter on the local radio station, and volunteer in the community. Add to that reading and writing book reviews - mainly for Indie authors, writing, and travelling; and I am a very busy chap.

Finally, at 69 my career highlight is still to come. I get better and better every day.

Thanks. Enjoy.

Remember: "... for there is nothing either good or bad - but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare - Hamlet Act II, Scene II, Pg 11.

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